RUF International is a recognized campus student organization at Clemson University for International students and scholars and their families from all over the world and American Christian volunteers who meet for friendship, intercultural exchange, sharing of ideas, and understanding the Christian faith. Any international student(s), scholar(s), and their families of any culture, ethic or religious background are welcome and invited to participate in any of the activities and programs we offer.

Rick Brawner seeks to pastor the international university community at Clemson University through Biblical hospitality by building relationships. His goal is to reach and equip these internationals by providing RUF International activities and regular outings. These venues open opportunities for internationals to meet fellow American Christians who volunteer and creates an environment for natural evangelism, investigative Bible study, discipleship, and also fellowship within the local PCA church.


International Culture Outings and Gatherings

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Rick Brawner

Rick Brawner graduated from Clemson University in 1977. After graduation from seminary in 1983 with a Master of Divinity, Rick was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister. He worked as a SBC campus minister (two years) at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and then continued in that location as staff with a para-church ministry - Int'l Students Inc. (nearly three years). Rick transferred into the PCA as a TE/campus minister within Calvary Presbytery, SC in October 1988. In August 1989, he begin the RUF International ministry at Clemson University as the RUF International campus minister. He has served in that capacity for the past 25 academic years. Rick met his wife Beth while in seminary and they have been married for 35 years. They have three adult children, Andrew, Philip and Melody.