We WELCOME students from all nations. Over 1 million international students, the brightest from their nations, now study on American campuses. The USA is the largest host country in the world. These are future world leaders and culture shapers, but are rarely invited into American friendships, homes, or churches. We equip Christians and churches to offer hospitality to international students in Christ’s Name. RUF International represents a cost-effective Global-Local mission opportunity for the church.

We EXPLORE the gospel of Christ with internationals. While far from home, internationals are curious about their hosts and open to new ideas. With gentleness and respect, we offer reasons for our hope in Christ. As Paul did at Ephesus, RUF International hosts discussions in academic settings. After experiencing God’s welcoming love through Christian friends, many internationals seek to learn more about the good news of God’s welcoming grace.

We EQUIP internationals who follow Jesus Christ to become effective servant-leaders for God’s kingdom and Christ’s church worldwide. Many return to their home nations as future leaders in government, academia, industry, and the church. RUF International prepares international students to live and work for Christ’s glory in their home nations.

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RUF International welcomes students and scholars from around the world.