RUF: University of Houston

RUF at Houston is a community of students seeking to learn how to love God and love each other. We are reaching out to UH students with the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping UH students to love and serve him, our neighbors, and our world.


Small Groups - Bible studies offered this summer.

Women's group contact: Kimmy Mota (student) 918-584-9259‬

Men's group contact: Isaiah Sohn (intern) 703-727-3348

For other questions, please contact Brooks Harwood (campus minister) 615.405.0040

Brooks Harwood

Brooks was born in Texas (woo!) but grew up in Nashville, TN. During his first year at the University of Tennessee (UTK) he met Meredith (who would one day become his wife). At UTK Brooks and Meredith were both involved with RUF on the student ministry team which gave them a passion for all RUF does for college students. Upon graduation (2011), Brooks began working with RUF as an intern at Vanderbilt University in Nashville just months before he and Meredith got married. After working with RUF at Vandy for three years (2011-2014) Brooks and Meredith moved to St. Louis for Brooks to pursue further training for pastoral work at Covenant Theological Seminary (2014-2018). While in seminary Brooks worked as a youth coordinator at their church and Meredith worked as a hair stylist (and a great one at that!). After graduating from Covenant Seminary (2018) Brooks and Meredith moved to Houston for Brooks to serve as the second RUF campus minister at the University of Houston.

Isaiah Sohn

This is Isaiah’s second year in Houston. Born in Cleveland, raised in Dallas, Isaiah went to high school in Northern Virginia where he was accepted into Virginia Tech in 2011 to pursue a Chemistry major. After realizing that Chemistry was not meant to be, he took a break from school before coming back and falling in love with English Literature. During the first several years, Isaiah bounced around several campus ministries before finding a strong community in RUF his Junior Year.  He then applied for the RUF internship, got the job, and got shipped to Houston to love the students as best as he can.

Isaiah is a lover of the finer things in life: dipping sauces, memes, sports, and video games.  You can find him drinking tea at Cougar Grounds, exploring BBQ joints and food trucks, and trying to blend in with the students at the Student Center.  You can also find him trying (and failing) to spike the volleyball on Fridays at the Rec or trying his best to ball on the basketball courts.