RUF at UNC is a Christian campus ministry that exists to provide a friendly Christ-centered community where the tired, the skeptical, and the committed can come together to experience the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Our student leaders put together socials, service activities, and Bible studies, and we join together once a week for worship and to hear a message from the Bible.

To get a better sense of who we are, check out this video.


Large Group

Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

in Murphey 116

Monday Community Group

Mondays at 8:30pm

321 Brooks Street Unit B

Contact Andrew Harvey and Caroline Alessandro for more info.

All Girls Community Group

Tuesdays at 7pm

in the lounge between Joyner and Alexander

Contact Kathryn Cavin and Ashley Mims for more info.

Co-Ed Community Group

Tuesdays at 8pm

at the BH

Led by Thomas and Susan.

Wednesday Community Group

Wednesday afternoons

on campus

Led by Juan and Katie. Email for details

Thursday Community Group

Thursdays at 7pm

on South Campus

Led by Matt and Jason.

Prayer group

Thursdays at 6:30pm

Led by Josh and David. Email for details.

Additional Resources

Simon Stokes

Simon Stokes is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary, where he received two Master’s degrees: one for divinity and the other for counseling. Originally, he hails from Dothan, Alabama and graduated in 2006 from Emory University where he pursued a degree in International Studies. After college, Simon worked as an RUF intern at Auburn University. It was here that he developed a heart for college students, as well as deciding to enter vocational ministry. Simon is married to Katie, who grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and received a degree in graphic design from Auburn University in 2008. Whether it be movies, TV, or books, Simon loves stories in any genre. He also enjoys playing sports and board games. Sometimes he wins. Both he and Katie are hoping that North Carolina will make them “outdoorsy”. They have two little girls, Emory and Caroline.

Joshua Kephart

Joshua graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 after five years with a double major in Physics and Computer Science. For his whole life God has been calling his heart to service and ministry. Through short term mission trips and camp counseling jobs and eventually through being a leader in RUF at Pitt itself, Joshua saw and felt the need for people to be part of a community centered on God's grace and love. At the beginning of his fifth year he applied to the RUF internship and is pumped to be placed at Chapel Hill for two years. He knows that God is at work as he seeks to serve the students there and invite them into community.

Juan Rodriguez

Juan was born in Queens, New York and spent his childhood in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where his family is now, so he's been up and down the east coast! Now he's living in Durham, North Carolina with his awesome, fantastic, super friendly wife, Kelsey (he's totally not biased). Juan spent his four years of undergrad at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina graduating with two degrees in Criminology and French (parlez-vous français?), and he is super thrilled to not directly use them in his career path! Juan also speaks Spanish and he loves living that tri-lingual life! He has a variety of interests ranging from sports to reading to video games to board games to card games; Juan just really likes games. Also, memes hold a dear place in his heart, right next to binge watching shows on Netflix with his wife.

While at NC State, the Lord grew Juan and molded him to who he his today, and is still doing so. Coming to NC State, Juan was still exploring his faith, and RUF played a huge role in showering him with the love of the Lord and growing him to be a follower of Christ. While at RUF, Juan has led a small group, found a church to worship the Lord, met his wife, made life long friends, and grew into the person he never thought he would be. Juan is thrilled that his story with RUF isn't ending with graduation but is starting in a new, different and exciting way. Juan can't wait to see how God will use him at UNC and how RUF will grow to be a light for the students at UNC.

Katie Stapleton

I am from Morgantown, West Virginia and graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Leadership Studies. I deeply appreciate how the Lord used the Church in my life during college and love that RUF is from the Church. I grew up hearing about how the Lord had been working through this ministry and was pumped when RUF came to WVU during my undergrad! RUF has brought me friendship, taught me more about the character of Jesus and given me the opportunity to facilitate a girls Bible study. 

Hobbies include: going on picnics, exploring trails and local shops, watching movies, puns, playing card games, quality time with friends, and tie dying. 

I am so stoked for this opportunity to love students at Chapel Hill and to experience the gospel in a new context! Go Heels!