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We welcome you in the name of God’s Foreigner!  He came to his own people, and they did not receive Him. But all who receive Him become God’s children. We sometimes ask Him, “And who is my neighbor?” He challenges us to not limit our love to our own people. One Day, we will ask Him, “Lord, when did we see you?” And Jesus will say, “When you welcomed the foreigner!” Thanks for visiting.  Learn about RUF-International’s ministry for international scholars. We must love the foreigner.  Why? Because we were once foreigners to God’s kingdom.

Partner with us through prayer, giving, and hospitality - make room for internationals. In and through our lives, God’s grace in Christ will transform strangers into friends! 

For the Lord’s fame among the nations, 

Al LaCour

RUFI.Al LaCour - Al Lacour

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