Authority: What is truth?

Tim Keller once said, “Freedom is not the absence of restrictions but the presence of the right restrictions.” All humans long for a voice, a guidepost, a cornerstone from which they can draw direction in life. More than any other time in life, a student will wrestle with the question “What is truth?” while in college. RUF believes the Bible to be the very Word of God, the only unerring rule of faith and practice.

Redemption: How can I be right with God?

Human history follows a narrative set by God himself in which he redeems the world from sin and suffering. The Bible contains the history of how God has interacted with his people through time, a story that culminates in the sending of his own Son, Jesus Christ, to restore mankind’s broken relationship with God and each other. God’s holy character is the backdrop to this need for restoration, and his powerfully gracious heart is the engine for real transformation.