Joe Harmon  |  June 21, 2018

This Q&A is part of a series of interviews featuring RUF Alumni. Today's post features Joe Harmon, an Auburn University graduate currently working in the construction industry.

Let's start off with who are you and what do you do?

I live in Nashville with my wife, Amy, and 6 month old daughter, Penny. We love spending time with neighbors and friends and long to grow closer in our walk with the Lord. I work as a Project Manager for a General Contractor building apartments and other types of buildings. It can be challenging work but very rewarding at the end of the project (about two days before starting the next project). 

What college did you graduate from?

Auburn University. I grew up in Montgomery, AL and loved Auburn as a kid. Then when I learned about "in state tuition" it was an easy decision.

Who was your campus minister when you attended RUF?

Richard Vice was the campus minister until my senior year, when he left Auburn to seek and shepard the lost souls of Tuscaloosa, AL at a church there. (slightly sarcastic, due to the sports rivalry between Auburn and Alabama)

What is your favorite memory from RUF?

RUF was a lot of fun. I identified more strongly with the folks of RUF than any other campus group. My favorite memories were probably attending the RUF conferences. Fall Creek Falls may have been my favorite conference, which took place each year in January or February in a Tennessee state park. It was a great trip with cabins sitting next to a beautiful lake- usually it was pretty cold up on the Cumberland Plateau in winter though. One year several attendees including myself decided to break through a thin layer of ice on the lake and jump off a dock into the lake to prove something. I'm still not sure what we were trying to prove, but it was a good "ice breaker".

How has RUF impacted how you approach your career? 

My career has been shaped by the gospel, and I pray it continues to be shaped in the years to come. Each week at RUF I felt challenged to see more clearly what God has done for me. This includes seeing the bitterness of my heart and how Christ's sacrifice is enough to heal it and bring me into right standing with God. Knowing how undeserving I am helps me see the need for mercy, fairness and humility in business. Its tough to find where that belongs when the world is often only concerned about profits. There are a many challenges on complex projects and the news isn't always good. In fact in every aspect of life there is bad news at times. I'm encouraged by Psalms 112: 5-7. Go read it when you can.

What would you say to an incoming freshman?

To the incoming freshman (my littlest sister in a couple more years), I would encourage actively seeking to build friendships with those who are unloved or do not know Christ. I didn't look at Auburn as a mission field very often. I found my comfort zone in RUF and at the church I attended, and with a few other classmates and friends. This community is a vital part of the christian life, but don't forget our call to reach those on the fringes or don't know the Lord. One way to do this is to participate in activities you actually enjoy, and get to know those around you. I wish I had done more of that.