Sara Terry  |  July 16, 2018

Let's start off with who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sara Terry. I am a traveling consultant, a developing writer, a recovering perfectionist, and a wife to my sweet hubby, Ben.

What college did you graduate from?

I graduated for Vanderbilt University - Anchor Down! While there, I majored in Human and Organizational Development and spent my time leading RUF and Young Life.

Who was your campus minister when you attended RUF?

Stacey Croft (3 years) and Richie Sessions (1 year) - both these men and the interns who ministered alongside them taught me that my favor in God's eyes is not contingent on my right-ness but has already been secured by Jesus. Therefore, I can live in confidence that I have everything I need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

What is your favorite memory from RUF?

My favorite memories are sitting on my intern, Katherine Miller (now Katherine Knuth's), couch and talking about life. Through watching how she lived her life and spoke into mine, I saw a picture of grace, humility, and discipleship I wanted to imitate.

How has RUF impacted how you approach your career?

My personal journey through college (and truthfully, still an ongoing journey) has been one from being an achiever to being a receiver. I have always done whatever it takes to be successful, to meet or exceed your standards and my own. Achieving makes me feel powerful, secure, and in control for a moment. However, like all idols, it promises something that it can't deliver. 

Through weekly large group and the discipleship of my RUF interns, I journeyed to a freer place. I learned what it really looked like to trust God, even for my daily bread, and to find my identity in His work on my behalf. Whether I rested in Him or ran around like a crazy person trying to earn and achieve, God was and still is my provider and protector.

I apply these lessons every day at work, remembering that God is not confused by my company's bureaucracy, unaware of my struggles with traveling, or absent in my life because I can't always see him. In my current role, I am equipped to stand firm in the chaos and hopefully shine for Christ in the workplace because RUF helped build a firm foundation.

What would you say to an incoming freshman?

Interns want to meet with you! Campus ministers want to meet with you! I encourage you to get to know the amazing faith leaders God has put in front of you - bring your doubts, bring your shame and sin, bring your hopes and dreams. They would love to walk with you as mentors and friends.

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