RUF Wives’ Weekend Recap

Molly Kuhn, RUF at the University of Nebraska  |  February 05, 2020

January is always one of those long months - the holidays are over and the weather is gloomy. This year, I had just moved from St. Louis, Missouri to Lincoln, Nebraska, traveled across the country for Christmas, and was getting over being sick (while trying to unpack all the boxes piled up in our new home). A girl’s trip away was desperately needed! Thankfully, each year RUF invites the wives of campus ministers to come together for rest, relaxation, and fellowship. Women from all over the country gathered in Nashville, Tennessee to worship together, eat some amazing food, and enjoy some time away.  

This year we heard gospel preaching and teaching from local pastor, Scott Sauls, and Your Enneagram Coach founders Beth and Jeff McCord. Sauls preached on the story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10 and challenged us to think through the question: “How would our life be different if we really believed we had nothing to prove and that our most essential task in this life is to rest and receive Christ?” This question, paired with the teaching from the McCords, hit deeply after coming out of a busy season and jumping right into the busyness of the semester.  It is such good news that we are so secure in Jesus that we can rest, rather than live on the performance treadmill that we so easily get stuck on. I’m grateful to be in RUF where they model the importance of rest amidst our busy lives in ministry. Aside from the teaching some highlights include: a private Sandra McCracken concert, a trip to Jeni’s Splendid ice cream, and some delicious meals with old and new friends.  

What a joy that I am able to be in a ministry that cares for the women who work behind the scenes. As a first year wife in RUF, I was encouraged by almost 100 women who daily support their husband, open their home, and walk alongside college students. I’m excited to see how the Lord continues to use this time of rest and refreshment in my life and in the lives of RUF wives across the country.