Summer Conference 2019: An Intern’s Perspective

McKenna Breedlove  |  May 23, 2019

In undergrad I looked forward to SuCo like most people looked forward to Christmas. It really was the highlight of my year, and each year I would encourage all of my friends to come and hear amazing teaching and lounge by the beach with me. How could you turn that down? My senior year I wondered how I could continue to go to SuCo and bring friends… so of course I became an Intern! I am an RUF Intern at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This year we brought close to 40 students. Our week at summer conference was so dreamy. It was restful, it was fun, and I think everyone would say that the seminars they attended had a weighty impact on their lives and relationships with Jesus. (Shout out to all of those who taught this week because I heard nothing but praises!!) 

There's one experience from the week that stood out to me and affected our group. Our women’s 3 v 3 basketball team made it to the championship game. It was played “under the lights” at 10pm on Friday night. Our opponent was Ole Miss. It was a well played game with points going back and forth, but in the end, we didn’t come away with the victory. What happened after our loss was something that I have never seen before. Our students along with other students who were there watching the game swarmed the court and began cheering, and singing rocky top, and then it all broke out into a post game dance party. That game, our loss, and our post game celebration connected us.  

Some might ask “Why at SuCo— a place that is meant for spiritual growth, a variety of seminars, relaxing by the beach, and developing new friendships— would there be sports competitions, a dance party, and chess tournaments?" The answer— God is always at work. He is using the dance parties, the chess tournaments, and the basketball games to give us a chance to celebrate and fellowship and comfort one another. God is giving us a chance to live life in the ordinary together, all for the glory of his name. It is a gift to get a small taste of how one day his kingdom might look and to experience it on the beach is even better.