Thanks for looking into HopePres. While the web is helpful for initial impressions, we hope to connect with you personally. If you stick around, you'll come to see that we're a community of joy in the gospel, and a community of mission for the gospel in Bloomington and IU.

We're a community that's growing in our understanding of the lavishness of God's steadfast love, which gives us the security and freedom to honestly face the depths of our brokenness, seeing our hearts and lives renewed through God's grace. 

It’s this grace alone that motivates us to know God, love people, and seek renewal for our place beginning with ourselves and expanding out to the realms of social connections and culture-making.

This is why we love the city and the campus, and look for ways to celebrate, serve, and proclaim the Name of Christ to others in this place. Welcome to HopePres.

Dan Herron

Dan and Erica grew up in Champaign, IL and met in high school. They were both turned to Jesus in 1997 while undergrads—Dan at Illinois State University and Erica at the University of Illinois. In 2000 they graduated, married, and moved to St. Louis where Dan taught high school history among at risk students and Erica completed her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Washington University, topping this off with finishing up her doctorate in 2012. 

In 2002 Dan joined staff with Great Commission Ministries at the University of Illinois until beginning at Covenant Seminary in 2007 where he served with The Journey Fellowship and Acts 29 Network. 

They finally landed in the PCA in 2009, when they joined the congregation of Kirk of the Hills PCA. In 2011 the Herron family moved to downtown Indianapolis for Dan to serve with Redeemer Presbyterian, becoming a fully PCA-approved and ordained church planter. 

We’re a bit eclectic. We love craw-dad hunting in Jackson Creek, and we love “Pizza N’ Movie Night.” We love Bach at the symphony, and biscuits and gravy at the City Diner. We love pushing ourselves athletically, yet love French Fries. Our entire family loves books, yet we also love Wii Olympics. We love old houses, and new kitchens. And, I love writing looonnng sentences. 

More than anything, God has given us a love for Jesus, His church, and for people.