Welcome to RUF! We are glad you are here at MIT. RUF is a community that is committed to considering the good news of Jesus together. We seek to be an authentic community that is supportive, spiritually challenging, and outward facing to our peers on campus. RUF is a safe place to ask questions, voice doubts and explore Christianity with other students at MIT. Whether you're a committed Christian desiring to grow in your faith or you're exploring the claims of Christianity, all are welcome to be a part of our group. Feel free to contact us or join us at any of our gatherings. We would love to get to know you.


Large group

Mondays, 8-9pm


Dinner and Discussion

Wednesdays 7-8pm 


contact Rachel Z or one of our staff for more info

Additional Resources

For all meetings and events info, go to www.rufmit.org/calendar-and-events

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Solomon Kim

Solomon is a husband to Jane and father to Caleb and Katie. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has also lived in the Pacific Northwest, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Korea - but not in that order. The Kims moved to Boston in 2014 to begin a new chapter of RUF at MIT. Previously, Solomon worked in various ministry settings including a college ministry in Florida and a church plant in California. He is a Cornell alum, having studied Operations Research there, and completed his theological degree at Reformed Theological Seminary. Solomon loves traveling, going to baseball games, exploring Boston restaurants, and making coffee.

Solomon and Jane are here for college students. So feel free to contact them for any reason. They would love to meet with you.