We are so glad you are here.

Ministry in Southern Spain is brand NEW which means now is a very exciting time to get involved. This also means the ongoing activities of a typical college ministry are not yet present on campus, and honestly some of them might never really fit the international context.
That said, we are excited to welcome you to join what IS going on: genuine friendships where we don't ask you to stop being you to fit a mold. We want everyone to find belonging even if you don't share the belief right now. Come grab tapas + coffee and learn others' stories.

When we say all are welcome, we mean it. Come check things out!

Aaron Gray

Aaron was born and raised in N.W. Ga where he was always playing soccer and often within a Spanish-speaking context. He attended Mercer University, where he met his wife (Deborah, hailing from Central IL) and where both were ministered to by RUF's ministry. He attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC and served as Assistant Pastor north of Charlotte for a few years. Both of their hearts continued to be drawn toward skeptics and young Christians with the desire to serve where there was a blatant need -- stateside or abroad.

The idea of RUF in Southern Spain connected almost immediately for both Aaron and Deborah, and after a season of prayer and asking questions the sense of Call was firm. The Grays have been loved well by several mentors who modeled Christ-dependent discipleship and child-like faith all within a context of "come as you are." All of these elements help form the aims for ministry in Spain with RUF... it is how Jesus loved, and it is that kind of love that can't help but point to Him (Jn. 13:35).

Aaron and Deborah have two passionate girls, Carley and Abigail, who love to be wild in their favorite princess dresses, have dance parties, and give out hugs.