RUF International is a ministry that seeks to welcome (biblical hospitality) students and scholars from all nations in order to build relationships that will lead to exploring the gospel (evangelism) and equipping (discipleship) Christian international students to return home and live out their callings under the Lordship of Christ. We do this through formal and informal hospitality events, investigative bible studies, one-on-one evangelism, group discipleship, and one-on-one discipleship.

Titus Bagby

Titus is a Texas native, born and raised in Houston Texas. He and his wife, Crystal, met in College Station while attending Texas A&M University. They both graduated from Texas A&M in 2010, and have been married ever since July 2011. Their first child is on the way, and is expected to arrive November 2018. Both Titus and Crystal have had the experience of living as international students overseas in China for a couple of years. Titus just recently graduated from Seminary in Dallas, having received his Masters of Divinity Degree (started at Redeemer Seminary and finished at RTS Dallas).