Have you ever been far away from home with no family or friends? It can be a lonely feeling. The University of Delaware has over 4,200 internationals from more than 95 different countries. RUF International welcomes the nations in the love of Jesus Christ. Are you an American student who wants to meet and make international friends? Are you an international student who wants to meet and make American friends? Then RUF International at UD is for you! Broaden your global horizons, explore the good news of Jesus, and deepen your journey with the Savior of the world. Come join us for what can be a truly life-transforming experience!


Dinner and Discussion

Thursdays from 6-8 p.m.
INNternationale 153 Courtney Street

English Conversations Class

Mondays at 6:45 p.m.
INNternationale, 153 Courtney Street
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Rick Gray

Rick Gray began serving as a campus minister for international students with RUF-I in 2010 at his university alma mater in his hometown of Newark, Delaware. A graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary, Rick entered the gospel ministry as a youth pastor, and then served with Mission To the World in East Africa for 21 years. Rick loves learning about different cultures, hanging out with his international friends, and watching God work in their hearts and lives. Rick is married to Wendy, whom he met while they were both serving as missionaries in Uganda. The Grays have three sons: Grant (2002), Aidan (2005) and Chase (2007).