Welcome to Reformed University Fellowship @ Southern Miss! RUF is a Christian ministry dedicated to reaching students for Christ and equipping students to serve. We are glad you’re at Southern Miss and would love to connect with you!


Large Group

Thursdays @ 7pm 

at Bay Street Presbyterian Church (204 Short Bay St)

Morning Prayer

Mon-Thurs @9am


Friday Morning Roundup

Friday’s @10am

Small Groups

Mondays @ 6pm Tuesdays @ 2pm

Davis Morgan

Davis Morgan is originally from Hattiesburg but was raised in Cleveland, MS. He attended the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated with a degree in History in 2011. After an internship with RUF in Huntsville, Alabama, he attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and received his Masters of Divinity in 2016. Prior to returning to Hattiesburg, Davis also served as the Campus Minister for RUF at East Tennessee State from 2016-2019. Davis is married to Ashleigh, who is from Jackson, MS. They met in RUF at Southern Miss, while Ashleigh was studying nursing.  Together, they have two children, Katherine (4) and Sam (1).

Tim Benton

Tim Benton has been on the campus of USM since the fall of 2019. He is originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and he was a student at Jackson State University before transferring to Southern Miss. While at Jackson State, he was an active participant and student leader of RUF and continued to do the same as a transfer student at USM. Tim's focus areas are outreach, men's discipleship, and the cultivating of relationship among our students and community. RUF has always been a family for Tim, and he hopes to continue to help RUF be a family for those to come.

Kelley Murphree

Kelley was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and attended Mississippi State University where she studied Secondary Education with a concentration in English. From the very beginning of Freshman year, Kelley was involved in Mississippi State's RUF. She fell in love with the freedom of the gospel and the singular hope we all have in Christ. RUF is where she made lasting friendships and learned the power of vulnerability and the joy of hospitality. After tasting what ministry was like by working with youth ministries throughout college, Kelley felt called to continue in ministry by working with RUF on the college campus. She is incredibly humbled by the opportunity to work in Hattiesburg on the Southern Miss campus where RUF first began. You can find her hanging out at a local coffee shop, reading a book on campus, taking a walk in a park, or working on her aspiring chef skills at home.