RUF International exists at Texas because local churches want to welcome, serve, and love international students as you come to this new city and country.

No matter where you're coming from, or what you're in Austin to study, we are here for you. It is difficult to be in a new place, let alone a new country where you don't know anybody. We hope you'll find a community and friendships with other International students, as well as American students and families that will help make your time in Austin feel more like home.


James Bible Discussion

Thursdays @ 8pm

on Zoom

Virtual Pizza Nights

7:30pm on September 7, 25; October 16; November 6, 24; December 7

Virtual Game Nights

8pm on September 17, October 29, November 24, December 7

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Terry Dykstra

Originally from Colorado, Terry lived most of his life in Georgia before moving to Austin in summer 2017 to continue the work of RUF International at Texas. Terry studied Journalism at the University of Georgia, where he met his wife Mary Rose through RUF. Mary Rose was a finance major and now works in Business Valuation at Deloitte. Terry and Mary Rose have been married since 2014 and welcomed their first child, Arthur, in May 2018. They also have two cats named Agnus and Georgia.

Terry enjoys watching most sports but especially American football (and is growing in his excitement for the world's football), listening to podcasts, and likes playing volleyball, tennis, racquetball, and frisbee. Together, he and Mary Rose enjoy good food, art, theatre, reading, working out and riding bikes. They look forward to meeting students from all the nations represented at UT, and Terry would love to meet on campus over tea, coffee or lunch!