Jeff White

I was born in Northwest Washington State but grew up in Central America in Guatemala City. It wasn't until High School that I gained an appreciation for the scripture and understood the Gospel. After moving several times, I graduated from High School in North Carolina and went to Appalachian State University where I met my wife Matheson. We quickly connect over our love for Latin America and Spanish. We got married my last semester of college (only semester I made a 4.0). After that, we moved to Boston where I attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and I earned a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology. After seminary I spent three years as the Assistant Pastor of Leadership Development at Las Tierras Community Church in El Paso. We have one girl and two little boys. Poppie Marie was born in 2015, Hebron in 2017, and Pisgah in 2019. 

I'd love to get lunch or grab coffee one day to get to know you better. You can reach me at 915-258-5213,, or on Facebook. Matheson would also love to get to know you. She can be reached at 915-474-9054