Welcome to RUF at the University of Virginia! We are a community of students on Grounds learning how to love God, how to love our own selves, how to love one another, and how to love this world. And yet, we are bound by the, even greater, conviction that God is love, that God actually love us, that God loves our neighbors, and that God loves this world.

We believe He has revealed this to us in Jesus Christ, who is the image of the invisible God and the embodiment of God's love, and that through knowing and communing with Him, we have access to that love as well. In light of this, we gather together in Large Groups, Small Groups, and one-on-ones in the hope that we will continue to encounter and be increasingly changed by this love.


Large Group

Tuesdays from 8-9:15 PM

the University Chapel

Small Groups

Contact robert.cunningham@ruf.org for more information

Additional Resources
Robert Cunningham

Robert Cunningham is a native of Macon, GA and a graduate of Auburn University and Covenant Theological Seminary. Robert met his wife Katherine during their undergraduate years at Auburn. Prior to serving as the RUF Campus Minister at UVa, Robert and Katherine spent just over four years in college ministry (one abroad and the rest at their alma mater), three years in St. Louis where Robert was a seminary student and worked for the Francis Schaeffer Institute.

Robert, Katherine, and their two kids are thrilled to be serving with RUF at UVa! In their free time, the Cunninghams enjoy going on walks/runs around Charlottesville, exploring Grounds with their kids, and enjoying delicious meals with friends.

Cole Jones

Cole was raised in Nashville, Tennessee and quickly developed a love for the outdoors and sports at a young age. He went one state south for college, to the University of Alabama where he majored in Management Informations Systems and began painting in his free time. Putting computer science, art, and a global wanderlust aside, Cole followed a decisive tug to work for RUF at UVA and is enjoying his work with UVA students in his new Virginian home.

Weldon Saunders

Weldon was born and raised in Memphis, TN before attending the University of Tennessee. In Knoxville, she studied Kinesiology and Business. Before stepping into more school after graduating in May of 2019, Weldon knew she wanted to assume a relational role within RUF since this ministry shaped her in so many ways at UT. The Lord was gracious to pave the way to UVA. In Charlottesville, she is excited to connect with 1st Year students, plan ministry events, and brush up on her knowledge of Thomas Jefferson along the way.