Join us at one of our monthly Large Group Worship Nights, or our weekly Small Group Bible Studies! Or come to one of our social events throughout the semester to find friends and learn more about Jesus!


Large Group

7:30pm on March 12th and April 16th. 

in the Laurel Room of the Lair

Honors/Summit/Downtown Campus Bible Study

on Tuesdays at 8pm

in Honors Hall 

text Knox (304.282.5567) for exact location.

Evansdale Campus

7:30pm on Wednesdays

Oakland Conference room (2nd floor of Oakland)

contact Peter (610.417.8931) for details

Off-Campus Study

8:30pm on Mondays

Jensen's House – 921 Carmell Ct. 

Contact Peter (610.417.8931) for details

Towers Bible Study

on Thursdays at 8:30pm

in the Learning Center (1st floor of Brooke Tower)

contact Josh (304.206.2099) for details.

Women's Small Group

6pm on Mondays

Abby's House - 104 Stilwell Dr.

Contact Meliah (304-290-9358) or Abby (304-951-5773)

Peter Green

Peter grew up in Bethlehem, PA and attended Lehigh University. In 2006 Peter moved to Covenant Theological Seminary to pursue an M.Div. At Covenant, Peter and Megan met and married. After graduation in 2010, they moved to Wheaton, IL and for the next four years Peter worked on a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Wheaton College. The Lord blessed them with two children during their time in Wheaton (Elijah, born in 2011, and Amelia, born in 2013).

After finishing his on-campus courses for his doctorate, Peter and Megan moved to Megan’s hometown in Alaska. While there, Peter simultaneously worked to finish his dissertation and help a group of families start a church. After their full-time church planter arrived, Peter took a job on Alaska’s “North Slope” working in the oil and gas industry. During their time in Alaska, the Greens enjoyed raising goats, chickens, rabbits, and bees with Megan’s parents and fishing for salmon. The Lord also blessed them with another child, Isaac, born in 2016. In the spring of 2016, Peter officially graduated from Wheaton College with his Ph.D., and in December he accepted the job as RUF campus minister to WVU.  

Beyond working on various farm and building projects, Peter loves reading, hiking, playing with his kids, and talking with college students about just about everything, especially the Bible and God’s love for them.