Tomorrow's Church

RUF is building the foundation for the future of the church. We invest in the spiritual lives of the next generation,transforming students and the trajectories of their communities, churches, and future families.

“RUF has proven itself to be one of the most effective campus ministries in the nation. It is fruitful in both evangelism and discipleship, and conducts it all with a theological robustness. But in addition, RUF is an unsurpassed developer of leadership for the entire church. It produces thousands of new solid church members, hundreds of future lay leaders and elders, and dozens of new church planters.”

RUF has exciting plans over the next four years:

Expanding to 20 new campuses across the country.


Supporting financially challenged campus ministries in high-cost areas like the Northeast and West Coast.


Establishing 8 new church plants to support our campus ministries.

Bolstering the infrastructure of the national office so it can best support existing campus ministries and facilitate new growth opportunities.


Increasing outreach to minority populations, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans, and expanding opportunities for minority ministers.


Deepening RUF staff training and pastoral care withArea Coordinators and enhancing the recruitment of gifted campus ministers.

Enriching the RUF Summer Conference, a week of worship, relevant biblical teaching, and fellowship with 3,000 college students.


Fostering the RUF intern program, a unique two-year experience that offers recent college graduates practical ministry experience.


Extending the outreach of the RUF International student ministry and starting 5 new RUF Global campuses over the next 5 years to reach students on international university campuses for Christ.

Your donation supports all of these efforts, which work together to make sure our growth is effective and sustainable.

Make a difference. Transform student lives. Grow His kingdom.
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